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You can count on Jaymac CNC Plasma to deliver top-quality CNC plasma cutters and packages that meet your requirements. We have been one of Australia’s most trusted suppliers for almost 40 years and, during that time, we have built a reputation as a client-focused and knowledgeable provider.

What sets Jaymac CNC Plasma apart is our commitment to making things simple for our customers. We do this by providing a wide range of products from leading industry brands and by advising customers on the tools that are best suited to their needs. Learn more about what we offer by browsing our sections below.


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Build and Price

Build your own CNC Plasma Cutting package and get an indicative price. Our Australian-owned and operated business has years of experience supplying CNC plasma cutters throughout the country. We can help you customise a CNC Plasma Cutting Package that meets your requirements. If you are looking for a package to meet the needs of your shop, but cannot find it in our collection, we can help you to build your own.

Specifications and Options

Jaymac CNC Plasma provides a wide range of CNC plasma cutting products ideal for use in various industries. Our products are designed for high-performance cutting in different types of metals, including steel, aluminium and copper.

We understand that different materials may require different cutting systems, and you can find various plasma cutting options in our collection. View the full range and the specifications of our CNC plasma package options.

Video Gallery

Want to understand how our plasma cutters work? You can see them in action here at Jaymac CNC Plasma’s video gallery. Plasma cutters are designed for superior cutting, making them the perfect equipment for fabrication shops, auto repair services and other businesses.

First time users of this equipment may get an idea of how it works by watching the videos available in our gallery.


Jaymac CNC Plasma is a direct supplier of plasma cutters from the leading industry brands. We import products such as the PlasmaCAM and Samson CNC Plasma Cutting tables to businesses throughout Australia.

These machines are outstanding technological advances in the industry. Designed for high-quality precision cutting, they provide incredible versatility in design and manufacture of one-off or multiple-quantity items, in any kind of metal. The units we import are manufactured to very high standards in the United States (US) and are efficient and easy to use. They work in conjunction with the renowned Hypertherm Powermax plasma cutters. Together, these cutting system packages provide a quality of metal cutting that is world-class.

Five Reasons to Choose Jaymac

Jaymac CNC Plasma is the leading supplier of high-quality plasma cutting systems in Australia. We have a long-standing reputation for providing excellent customer service and delivering outstanding products from some of the top global brands. If you need more reasons to choose Jaymac as your supplier, we list five:

  • 1. Genuine after-sales tech support
  • 2. 30 Years' experience in the metal fabrication industry
  • 3. An honest and ethical Aussie team
  • 4. Unparalleled passion for improvement
  • 5. Authorised direct Australian importer

cnc plasma cutting system

Jaymac are direct importers of the renowned PlasmaCAM and Samson CNC Plasma Cutting tables.

These machines are extraordinary packages that are revolutionizing the industry, giving you incredible versatility in design and manufacture of one off or multiple quantity items…. in all metals. These machines are made to very high standards in the USA and are quite simple to use. Matched with the renowned Hypertherm Powermax plasma cutters, these cutting system packages are among the best in the world.





5 reasons to choose jaymac

1Genuine after-sales tech support

230 Years' experience in the metal fabrication industry

3An honest and ethical Aussie team

4Unparalleled passion for improvement

5Authorised direct Australian importer

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