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CNC Plasma Cutting Tables

Jaymac CNC Plasma is the leading supplier of CNC plasma cutting tables in Australia. The cutting system has grown in popularity and is now used by many small and emerging businesses in the country, primarily because of its cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

If you are investing in this technology for the first time, then our team at Jaymac will gladly guide you through the process of using it and incorporating it into your business. We have been the trusted partners of business owners who need guidance and the benefit of our knowledge about the cutting technology.

What Is A CNC Plasma Cutting Table?

A CNC plasma cutting table is a new technology used in cutting electrically conductive materials such as steel and aluminium, among others, with a jet of hot plasma. The robotic cutting table provides precision cutting, making it ideal for the manufacture and production of various products.

Commonly used in fabrication shops, the cutting table is also an important feature of automotive repair and restoration businesses, as well as construction projects.

  • PlasmaCAM Cutting Tables from Jaymac

Jaymac CNC Plasma supplies high-quality CNC plasma cutting tables from top brand PlasmaCAM, a popular company in the US. We provide the brand’s inexpensive robotic cutting system to businesses throughout Australia.

  • Samson Cutting Tables

We also offer products from the leading brand Samson, which can be integrated with a customised desktop computer for optimum performance.

While there may be other suppliers of similar technologies, when you get a PlasmaCAM from Jaymac you get more than just the machine; you’ll learn how to maximise the technology for the benefit of your business.

Instead of spending hours figuring out how to set up the equipment, our team will help you to focus on operating your shop efficiently. With years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in utilising these technologies, we will guide you as you incorporate the equipment into your business processes.

Jaymac CNC Plasma is your trusted provider of plasma cutting technologies from the top industry brands. Talk to us today.