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If you own or run a small-medium metal fabrication workshop, having your own on-site CNC profile cutting may seem like a dream come true.

Just imagine…
Cut what you want, when you want.
No more waiting for other contractors to cut metal parts.
Design and cut any part on the spot.
Speed up projects and get money in faster.

But what about cost? Is it only the big workshops – with big budgets and computer gurus on the payroll – that can afford to invest in CNC profile cutting equipment?


Myth #1: Smaller workshops can’t afford CNC

Here at Jaymac CNC Plasma, the majority of units we sell go to small and medium workshops, many of them investing on CNC profile cutting for the first time.

Here’s the good news; From just $15 per day, you can own a state-of-the-art CNC Plasma package.

We’ve made it super easy to get an instant online quote. Just select the options that best suit you and we’ll give you an immediate quote, complete with finance options as well!


Myth #2: You need to be a computer geek to run a CNC Plasma Table

Yes some CNC software can be clunky, confusing and inefficient. But not ours!

Our CNC Plasma tables boast the most user-friendly software on the market, which is great news for fabricators that don’t want to waste time with complex software that is difficult to learn & operate.

Click here to check out a demo of the software we supply with our CNC Plasma tables.







Myth #3: CNC Plasma is ‘old school’, you need Laser or Waterjet

Certainly, Laser and Waterjet have their place and can deliver amazing results (at a cost!).

But CNC Plasma is far from obsolete, in fact for many metal fabricators it is by far the most logical and economical choice. Plasma continues to be widely-used and is being constantly improved and developed.

Click here to see how CNC Plasma compares with Laser, Waterjet and Oxy.





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Disclaimer: This information is for general reference only and may not accurately pertain to your situation or intended application. The information in this article is an given from our overall perspective of industrial cutting systems for entry-level users who typically cut materials up to 25-30mm. Actual comparisons between one system and another will vary for different material thicknesses and applications. Buyers should conduct their own research to determine the ideal product for their application. E.&O.E.