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Why Complete a Form?

Firstly – we’ll be up-front and say this: If a “buy-online” or “click-and-collect” type product is what you are looking for, we would prefer that you buy it somewhere else.

For us, CNC Plasma packages is not just another products, it’s our whole focus… and that means we have to do it right.

We believe it’s important for us to; a) to understand your needs, and b) clearly explain what our products are capable of, and also what they are not capable of.

Sure, our machines are used right across Australia and are helping metal fabricators across many industries become more productive and profitable. But in some applications, a CNC Plasma may not be the best option – and if this the case, then we’ll tell you.

And often we can suggest alternative solution that will save you time, money, and frustration in the long term.

For us to achieve this, we like to make contact with fabricators that are considering CNC Plasma. This is why we ask for your details. If your enquiry is genuine and we believe we can help, then one of our experienced team will give you a call or send you an email.
Being a family business, we’re easy to talk to. If you prefer not to be contacted further, that’s fine just let us know.
And, as per our privacy policy, we certainly do not share your details with other companies or 3rd parties.


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