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For Guy the money he makes is directly relative to the resource allocated to welding his products together. His challenge was to significantly cut back the time spent cutting parts out so more time could be spent welding. In simple terms, significantly increase is productivity and throughput.

Here’s how Guy described his journey:

“I really didn’t know what I was looking for. I started my crusade with one thing in mind “source a CNC to do my cutting” it had to cut up to 10mm any other particulars were not in the initial hunt. 

After some research I decided I needed after sales service and parts availability. Buying a Chinese import was very tempting saving $10K or so is not to be sneezed at. What stopped me buying Chinese was the sellers were not helpful regarding after sales service guarantee, the general reply when asked if parts were available was “We can get parts”. Also the sellers of the Chinese gear where not exactly familiar with specs, the workings of the machine, part numbers, etc. I had one seller tell me he might be able to find out!! 

Australian standards also became another important factor for me, after finding out about height control on some of the imports using direct Volts back feed not being split to a “safe” level would void any insurance if there was an accident.  The fact most import sellers could not answer how the height control worked and me not being able to tell myself how it worked I had to look further into the CNC world…

When I approached Weldclass the before sales service and information was great, informative and direct. Exactly what I was looking for. I was about to spend 20k+ and I wanted all my questions answered. You may recall how much of a pain I was with a bazillion questions? Your efforts to answer those questions was what tipped me over. Others I had asked the same questions were lost for answers regarding their machines. 

After sales service has also been fantastic to say the least, again something that others could not confirm to offer with general replies “we can try to help” or “we can forward emails to our suppliers” 

Am I happy with the PlasmaCam? Yes, it’s doing what I need when I need it. Again thanks to after sales service by Weldclass.”