Industrial quality CNC plasma tables can vary in cost from around A$20,000 to A$100,000+. Our CNC Plasma Tables are available as a complete package for less than A$50,000 – or even less than A$20,000 / $15 per day.

Here’s what you can expect, and some of the pitfalls you need to be aware of when investing in CNC Plasma;


I don’t want to spend $100k! – what are my options?

Here at Jaymac CNC Plasma, many of the packages we supply go to small or medium metal-fab workshops who are investing in CNC cutting for the first time.

We offer complete state-of-the-art CNC Plasma Table packages starting from Less Than $20,000 – or less than $15 per day finance cost. These units have been well-proven in Aussie industry for over 10 years.

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Can I Finance a CNC Plasma Cutter?

Finance makes good sense for many first-time CNC owners. For as little as the cost of a takeaway meal per day, you get the benefits of in-house, on-demand CNC profile cutting. In other words; Cut what you want, when you want. Increase your design and production speed. Become more efficient and make more money.

Our CNC packages start from a finance cost of around $15 per day, based on a 5-year term.

Our finance partners are experienced and easy to deal with… or we can work with your choice of financier.

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Are there any risks associated with lower cost CNC Plasma Tables?

Yes. In this space, there is an abundance of options that are made down to a price, rather than up to a standard.

To ensure that your CNC Plasma actually does what you intend it to do – save you time and make you more productive – there are some pitfalls that you should be especially aware of;

1. Software
This component is often overlooked, yet it is the ‘make or break’ of any CNC Plasma table.
Anyone can produce a relatively robust table, but developing highly functional software is hard work – and this is where many manufacturers make shortcuts.
Many lower cost tables use basic “off the shelf” programs that are clunky and inefficient to use.
The good news is that our CNC Plasma tables boast the most user-friendly software on the market – ideal for fabricators that don’t want to waste time with complex software that is difficult to learn & operate. Click Here to view a demo!

2. Support
The best value CNC plasma is worthless if you can’t get support when you need it.
This is one of the drawbacks of “off shore” or lesser known suppliers.
At Jaymac CNC Plasma, we offer lifetime support, and we’re based and owned in Australia since 1980.

3. The Package
There’s a lot more to a CNC Plasma than just the table and the plasma cutter. Rather than tempt you with a cheap deal and leave you to find out about ‘missing’ pieces and shortcuts – we go the extra mile to prepare a complete, industrial-quality package that includes everything you need to get the most from your machine.
Read about our packages here or click here to get a quote.


Should I be looking at Laser, Waterjet or CNC Oxy?

As they say; “horses for courses”. No one single CNC system will offer the “best of everything”.

That said – for first time investors, CNC Plasma is by far the most cost-effective and a very logical choice for metal fabrication work.

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Can I use the Government’s Instant Asset Write Off scheme to help me invest in CNC Plasma?

If you’re an Australian business with annual turnover of less than $50 million, then yes you can.

Read about how the scheme works & how you can qualify.








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Do I need to be a “Computer Wizz” to operate a CNC Plasma Table?

This depends on the software that comes with your CNC table.

Click here to check out a demo of the software we supply with our CNC Plasma tables – and see for yourself why it is the most user-friendly & easy-to-learn CNC Plasma software on the market.

Tradies looking at computer, check out the most user-friendly CNC Plasma software on the market






CNC Plasma Cutter Price Australia

Prices on industrial quality CNC plasma cutters start at around AU$20,000, or $15 per day finance cost. Get an instant online quote here.

Whilst the up-front CNC plasma cutter price is an important consideration, it’s also critical to look at the ongoing cost, or “lifetime value”. What may seem like a bargain might become very expensive in the long-term…. And vice-versa; spending more up-front could save you considerable cost going forward.

“Lifetime value” includes what the CNC Plasma will cost or save in terms of labour – as well as actual running expenses. Some of the most important considerations here are;


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Disclaimer: This information is for general reference only and may not accurately pertain to your situation or intended application. The information in this article is an given from our overall perspective of industrial cutting systems for entry-level users who typically cut materials up to 25-30mm. Buyers should conduct their own research to determine the ideal product for their application. E.&O.E.