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Magnetic Breakaway Machine Torch Mount is now included as standard with our PlasmaCAM and Samson CNC plasma packages with Hypertherm Powermax 85, 105 and 125 Plasma cutting machines. The torch simply snaps off and on, remaining square to the table. Tip up collision safety: Instead of the torch being knocked out of alignment or damaged, the magnetic machine torch mount is designed to breakaway instead, allowing quick, accurate, magnetic reattachment. Fast consumable changes: No more hanging upside down, skinning knuckles and dropping parts into the bowels of the table. Accurate: Because the magnetic breakaway machine torch mount is CNC machined, no matter what happens, the torch will stay true and square to the material…..No more cursing, using tiny squares to line up the torch. Just bolt on the mount and fit the torch…it’s that easy! Also available as an optional upgrade to any older tables. Very quick and simple to fit.
Magnetic Breakaway Mount