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Bend-Tech Dragon A400: A Mighty Pipe and Tube Production Beast !

The Dragon A400 is more than a CNC Pipe Cutter. It’s a complete solution for CNC plasma cutting and marking of round and square / rectangular tube, with integrated CAD/CAM software.

Designed and built in USA, the A400 has been tested and proven in serious production and high-volume applications, delivering time-savings and material-savings every step of the way. It’s capability for plasma cutting round pipe as well as square and rectangular tubing in any metal, coupled with engraving and marking ability (all standard features) delivers an amazingly versatile solution that will add huge value to any serious fabrication shop! The Dragon series machines work in perfect harmony with our Hypertherm plasma cutters, and will run off your laptop or desktop computer. Available in 3.6m model, or 7.2m to handle longer lengths of pipe without needing to index / reposition.


ModelA400 3.6m UnitA400 7.3m Unit
Power supply requirement240V 15A outlet240V 15A outlet
Machine weight485kg600kg
Machine Footprint (L x W x H)5,850 x 760 x 1,830mm9,450 x 760 x 1,830mm
Max Travel Speed38m per minute38m per minute
Max Travel length (without indexing)3,505mm7,460mm
Max Travel length (with indexing)UnlimitedUnlimited
Max Tube Weight180kg180kg
Min/Max Tube Dimensions – Round Pipe12.7–152mm (½–6”)12.7–152mm (½–6”)
Min/Max Tube Dimensions – Square/Rectangulare12.7–101 x 12.7–101mm (½–4” x ½–4”)12.7–101 x 12.7–101mm (½–4” x ½–4”)

Max Chuck Pass Through Diameter

(For processing tube lengths longer than the machine)
Round Pipe: 50mm Square Tube: 35.8 x 35.8mmRound Pipe: 50mm Square Tube: 35.8 x 35.8mm

Tube Size Capacity

The roller gate design gives the versatility of handling both round pipe and square or rectangular tube (RHS & SHS).

  • Round: 13 – 152mm diameter.
  • Rectangle & Square: 13 – 100mm x 13 – 100mm.
  • Chuck pass through (for processing tube lengths longer than the machine): Round Pipe max 50mm, Square Tube max 35 x 35mm.
  • Machine Travel Length: Max 7,400mm of travel in one position / unlimited when re-positioned.

Built Heavy Duty, for High Volume Production Work

Dragon A400 is a mighty beast! Able to run continuously for long periods, it will also handle a stock weight of up to 180kg.
An automated center support gate keeps the material straight during manufacturing.

Precision and Speed

Whether your job involves cutting out thousands of identical components or one-off rapid prototype parts, Dragon A400
will take your workshop’s production to the next level.

Knock Up a Quick Handrail ?

Sure, why not! See for yourself how Dragon will seamlessly take you from design (CAD), to set-up (CAM), to cutting (CNC)…
with finished componentry that’s right ready to fabricate.

Mark, Label or Etch with Accuracy = Assemble with ease

More than just a plasma cutter: Thanks to it’s marking capability, the Dragon A400 will bring you massive time and cost gains
when it comes to assembling your parts.

  • Precisely mark and label tubes with: locations, bend order, rotations, angles, saddle marks (where tubes will intersect
    for quick and accurate assembling) & much more.
  • Marks with permanent marker or engraver.

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Marking Demonstration

Here’s a quick video demonstrating Dragon’s marking capability. Bend-Tech Dragon’s marking ability significantly increases
productivity when it comes to bending, fabrication & assembly. Dragon software will even automatically measure and draw
marks to compensate for the material’s stretching, spring back, rotation, etc during the tube bending process.

Not your average Engraver

The Dragon’s engraver unit is second to none.

  • Standard feature on every Dragon machine.
  • An inline oiler keeps the engraver functioning efficiently.
  • Used for part identification marking and for designs that are to be etched onto the material.

Laser Guided Positioning: Fast Indexing and Reduced Waste

Eliminate scrap, allow full utilization of tube lengths, flip the pipe (end-for-end) or work with pipe longer than the machine? No problem!

  • Dragon will create a mark or etch on the first position of the pipe.
  • Release the pipe from the chuck and re-align with a Laser Pointer Light mounted to the head.
  • Continue cutting, marking and etching the next position of tubing.

From Drawing to Finished Product faster than ever before

Conventionally, preparing tube drawings for CNC machines would involve hours or even days of work, plus trial and error during
the assembly and fabrication process – all adding unnecessary time, cost and material wastage. Now – with just a few clicks,
Dragon software is able to take your 3D CAD drawings and then automatically unfold them into flat 2D layouts, ready for the
Dragon machine to manufacture.

  • Work with CAD drawings designed in virtually any common format (Bend-Tech, Solidworks, AutoCAD, etc) or even hand drawings.
  • Dragon’s exclusive CAD to CNC software will provide fast and intelligent file handling & converting to help you manufacture the exact part you have in mind.
  • By reducing the ‘gap’ between your designs and the CNC machine, your work can now be done in minutes with no mistakes!
  • Dragon’s software’s conversion process will even compensate for your material stretching, spring-back, rotations, etc.
  • Includes nesting ability to allow multiple parts to but cut from the same stock tube.

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Cutting Edge CAD Drawing Capability

Bend-Tech Dragon CAD drawing software is included in the software suite that comes with the machine – an awesome program
for anyone working with metal tube! Whether you are drawing roll cages, exhaust pipes, handrails or whatever it is you make
from tube, Dragon CAD software will turn your design dreams into metal reality quickly and easily.

View Dragon Software In Action

A quick demonstration of Dragon Software capability. This video shows how to create simple coped parts in Dragon’s design
interface, how to transfer them to a nesting project and then send to the Dragon Machine for cutting.

Quick and Easy to Load, Safe to use

Dragon A400 is designed to simplify and streamline your work – including both electronic and physical processes.
With a self-centering adjustable front gate, loading new material is an easy task. Then the rear chuck can easily clamp
tight onto the material with the chuck key. The operator can then oversee and control the machine from a safe distance
for proper manufacturing.

Made by Bend-Tech USA:  World Leaders in Tube Design and Fabrication

Based in Wisconsin, United States, Bend-Tech are well-known and well-established providers of software and equipment
for pipe fabrication. Bend-Tech use this expertise and experience to ensure that the Dragon machines are not only extremely
functional, but also easy to operate.

Creating Slots and Tabs: Another brilliant time-saving feature!

For accurate and easier positioning during fabrication, you can’t go past the Dragon’s Slots and Tabs function. This not only
makes assembly a lot easier, but it also improves the strength and precision of your project. Brilliant!

Wait, we’re not done yet!… How about Creating Notch Bridges?

With the Dragon A400 you can add Notch Bridges so your tube won’t bow or distort during further manufacturing processes
such as bending or welding. Like we said… Dragon adds value every step of the way!

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