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Bend-Tech Dragon A150: Unleash your Pipe Design Potential !

The Dragon A150 is a complete CNC plasma pipe cutting and marking solution with integrated CAD/CAM software.

Bend-Tech Dragon CNC pipe cutter machines are built in USA, and have been designed ‘from the ground up’ specifically for pipe fabrication… offering time and material saving features every step of the way.

The A150’s capability for cutting round pipe tubing in any metal – coupled with plasma cutting, engraving and marking ability (all standard features) – delivers an amazingly versatile solution to take your pipe fabrication dreams to a whole new level!

And more great news (especially if this is your first CNC pipe cutter); the Dragon CAD/CAM/CNC software is certainly very powerful and versatile, but most importantly it’s simple and easy to learn and use.

The Dragon series machines work perfectly with our Hypertherm plasma cutters, and will run off your laptop or desktop computer.


ModelA150 3.6m Unit
Power supply requirement240V 15A outlet
Machine weight360kg
Machine Footprint (L x W x H)5790 x 660 x 1524mm
Max Travel Speed10m per minute
Max Travel length (without indexing)3,660mm
Max Travel length (with indexing)Unlimited
Max Tube Weight70kg
Min/Max Tube Dimensions – Round (Pipe)19 – 76mm (0.75” – 3”)

Max Chuck Pass Through Diameter

(For processing tube lengths longer than the machine)

Pipe Size Capacity

  • 3-jaw roller chuck system will handle round tube 19 – 76mm diameter.
  • Chuck pass through will allow pass through stock material up to Max 50mm diameter.
  • Machine Travel Length: 6,000mm of travel in one position / unlimited when re-positioned.

Mark with Accuracy = Reduce Assembly Time & Cost

The Dragon A150 not only speeds up your cutting process, but – thanks to it’s marking capability – will bring you
massive efficiency gains when it comes to assembling your parts.

  • Accurately mark and label pipes with: bend order, locations, rotations, angles, saddle marks (where tubes will
    intersect for quick and accurate assembling) & more.
  • Marks with permanent marker or engraver.

Marking Demonstration

This video demonstrates Dragon’s marking capability.
With Dragon’s accurate marking ability, you can significantly increase productivity when it comes to bending,
fabrication & assembly.

Dragon software will even automatically measure and draw marks to compensate for the material’s stretching,
spring back, rotation, etc during the tube bending process.

Engraver Unit

The Dragon’s engraver system is second to none.

  • Standard feature on every Dragon machine.
  • An inline oilier keeps the engraver functioning efficiently.
  • Used for part identification marking and for designs that are to be etched onto the material.

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Easy Tube Repositioning and Waste Elimination

Dragon has a great feature to eliminate scrap, allow full utilization of tube lengths, facilitate flipping the pipe
end-for-end… and when working with pipe longer than the machine;

  • Dragon will create a mark or etch on the first position of the pipe.
  • Release the pipe from the chuck and re-align with a Laser Pointer Light mounted to the head.
  • Continue cutting, marking and etching the next position of tubing.

From Drawing to Cutting faster than ever before

Conventionally, preparing pipe drawings for CNC machines would take hours or even days of work, plus trial and error during the assembly and fabrication process, adding unnecessary shop time and resulting in material wastage.

Now – with just the push of a button, Dragon is able to take your 3D CAD drawings and then automatically
unfold them into flat 2D layouts for the machine to manufacture.

  • Work with designs in almost any format – CAD drawings designed with Bend-Tech, Solidworks, AutoCAD, etc..
    or even hand drawings.
  • Dragon’s exclusive CAD to CNC software will provide fast and intelligent file handling & converting to help you manufacture the exact part you have in mind.
  • By eliminating the gaps between your designs and the CNC machine, your work can now be done in minutes
    with no mistakes!
  • The software’s conversion process will compensate for your material stretching, spring-back, rotations etc.
  • Bend-Tech Dragon software also comes with a nesting ability to allow multiple parts to but cut from the same
    stock tub

Game-Changing CAD Drawing Capability

Dragon CAD drawing software is included in the software suite that comes with the machine – an awesome
program for anyone working with metal pipe!

Whether you are drawing entire roll cages, exhaust pipes, handrails or whatever it is you make from pipe,
the Dragon CAD software is guaranteed to turn your design dreams into metal reality incredibly fast and simply!

Dragon Software Demonstration

View this quick demonstration of Dragon’s Software capability. This demonstrates how to create simple coped
parts in Dragon’s design interface, how to transfer them to a nesting project and then send to the Dragon Machine
for fabrication.

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OK Let’s Try….

…building a handrail. See for yourself how Dragon will seamlessly take you from design (CAD), to set-up (CAM),
to cutting (CNC)… with finished componentry that’s right ready to fabricate.

Easy Loading, Safe Operation

Dragon A150 will make your most complex task an easy and streamlined process.
With a self-centering adjustable front gate, loading the material is an easy task. Once the tube is loaded, the rear
chuck can easily clamp tight onto the material with the chuck key (included). Now, the machine operator can use
the computer to oversee and control the machine from a safe distance.

Made in USA by Bend-Tech:  The Pipe Design and Fabrication Kings!

Bend-Tech Dragon machines are manufactured in Wisconsin, United States. Bend-Tech are also leading providers of software for pipe fabrication, and have used this know-how to ensure that the Dragon machines are not only extremely functional, but also easy to operate.

Slots and Tabs: Another Time Slayer!

Dragon can cut Slots & Tabs for accurate and easier positioning during fabrication.
This not only makes assembly a breeze but it also enhances the strength and precision of your project. Nice one!

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