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Samson 510: Load Full Sheets & Keep Cutting

The Samson 510 CNC plasma table is perfect for larger workshops that need to cut larger components, and for a wide range of industrial applications. Its 1.5 x 3.0-metre cutting table gives you a large space to work around and the capacity to load full sheets.

This plasma table works perfectly with our Hypertherm plasma cutters, and can be integrated with a custom-built desktop computer. You may also choose from our Samson packages, which already include a plasma machine and a desktop computer so you can get the job done right away. We offer a range of packages to ensure that you get a system that matches your needs when it comes to speed, accuracy, and the type of materials you wish to work with.


Precision Cuts Made Simple

Having a large space to work around with like what the Samson 510 CNC plasma table provides gives you a number of distinct advantages. These include allowing you to fit full size sheets to make loading easier, cutting larger areas, and nesting more components. Plus, its high speed servo motor lets you cut with speeds of up to 8000mm per minute, which improves your productivity by leaps and bounds.

Other features of our plasma tables include Digital Height Control and a Magnetic Torch Breakaway Mount, making cutting significantly safer and extending the life of its components. Then there’s the standard Eliminizer Air Filtration Kit that protects you from contaminated air, creates high quality cuts, and protects your consumables. Finally, it comes with a 3-year warranty, giving you years of peace of mind and reliable service.


Samson features a large table with a cutting area of 1.5 x 3.0 metres. This system can be integrated with a selection of Hypertherm Powermax plasma cutter machines and custom-built desktop computer to deliver a top-performing profile cutting solution.

Key Benefits

High speed servo motors allow cut speeds up to 8000mm per minute

Large cutting bed fits full size sheets and makes loading easier

3 year warranty*

Meets Your Stringent Demands

With the Samson 510 CNC plasma table’s large cutting bed and its host of other features, it’s ideal for your more demanding projects. It’s also perfect for a range of applications, including engineering, working with sheet metal, product development, and more.

Engineering Product Development Sheet Metal


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