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Cutforce CNC Plasma Tables by Weldclass

(Superseded by Ultracut Series – Click here)

Available in a range of sizes (including 1.2x1.2m, 1.2x2.4m & 1.5x3m) Cutforce CNC Plasma tables are developed specifically to meet the needs of Aussie metal fabricators who need a unit that is;

  • Durable and suitable for industrial use
  • Easy to operate
  • Locally backed up with Australian technical support
  • Cost effective

With a Cutforce table, you don’t need to be a millionaire or a computer wiz to be able to design and cut metal parts in your own workshop. Whether you’re are a first-time CNC user or just looking to up-spec existing capacity, Cutforce tables are ready to help you take control of your metal parts design and production.

Available as a complete CNC package customised to your application, including a plasma cutter, software, and full suite of accessories.

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Cutforce T3000 1.5x3m

  • 1525 x 3050mm cutting area, to fit full-size “5x10ft” sheets
  • Flat bed design for easy material loading
  • Water bed included

Cutforce T2400 1.2x2.4m

  • 1220 x 2440mm cutting area, to fit full-size “4x8ft” sheets
  • Flat bed design for easy material loading
  • Water bed included

Cutforce T1200 1.2x1.2m

  • 1220 x 1220mm cutting area
  • Water bed included
  • Ideal for smaller workshops, training, artwork, etc

The Cutforce advantage

  • User-friendly operating software

  • Water bed included

  • Cutting speeds up to 10,000mm per minute gives excellent results even on very thin materials

  • Heavy duty bearings assures extended service life

Learn more about Weldclass CNC Plasma Packages.

Waterbed Included

Waterbeds are a very effective way of helping to control fumes when cutting with plasma. Most fumes and fine metal dust are trapped by the water under the plate being cut. This minimises the dust accumulating in your workshop for a healthier and more productive environment. The waterbed also helps cool material being cut which dramatically reduces distortion. Cut items will be significantly cooler and much safer to handle.

Plate Thickness Capacity

Cutting capacity will depend on which plasma cutter you chose. We offer various models for use with Cutforce tables, the largest being the Powermax 125 which will comfortably cut & pierce up to 25mm steel.
(Note that in CNC applications, most cutting starts with piercing rather than edge start. Whilst the Powermax 125 will cut up to 38mm steel with edge-start cutting, pierce capacity is 25mm.)

In terms of weight capacity, Cutforce tables are built to easily support full sheets of up 25mm steel plate.


Made in USA | Perfected in Australia

Cutforce tables are made in USA to Weldclass specifications. A proven design used globally, they incorporate many features and refinements developed directly as a result of feedback from Aussie fabricators.
The result is a winning combination of Aussie know-how, with the cost advantage of US volume and economy of scale.