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Bring More Power to Your Plasma Cutter

No matter the size of the project, our plasma cutting systems from PlasmaCAM and Samson give you the speed and precision you need to cut through a wide range of materials and a variety of thicknesses.

PlasmaCAM cutters are ideal for smaller areas or less-demanding projects with their space-saving cutting area of 1.2 x 1.2 metres. For industrial applications, there’s Samson, which gives you more space to work with its 1.5 x 3.0-metre cutting area.

Combined with the included DesignEdge software made specifically for plasma cutting, you can unleash your power and creativity while bringing waste down to a minimum. Design parts and bring them to life with just a few clicks.

Now you can expand your plasma cutting system’s capability—from automatic nesting to designing HVAC parts—through any of the options below.

Select a Plasma Cutting Options

Maximise your materials with our automatic nesting software that lets you nest various components or duplicate one instantly.

Choose your design, input your part specifications, preview, and then print. That’s how easy it is to create your custom HVAC components with our software.

Make your mark on a wide range of materials with our engraver attachment. Work quickly and easily on most metals, timber, and even plastic!

Invest in a refrigerated air dryer and get longer-lasting consumables and consistent, high-quality cuts — Highly recommended.

Who says CNC tables can only cut flat sheet? Bring more projects down the pipeline with our pipe cutting attachment.

Water circulation system for Bend-Tech Dragon A400 CNC Pipe Cutter. Reduces burring, cuts cleaner & reduces fume levels. 

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