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Dragon A400 Water Circulation System: Cleaner Cuts, Less Fumes

Bend Tech Dragon Accessory A400 Water System

The Dragon Water Circulation System is an optional accessory for the A400 CNC Pipe Cutter which will provide a continuous water flow through the tube being cut. This improves cut quality and cleanliness on all materials and reduces fume and dust. Also an essential feature if the Dragon is to being used for cutting aluminium tube.
The collection tray is great for finished parts output collection, even when water is not being used. The tray is adaptable in length due to its modular construction.
This system is easy to fit to any Dragon model A400 machine and comes with everything included so that you can assemble immediately after delivery.

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Water Circulation Icon

Dragon A400 Water Circulation System Features:

  • Minimises Burrs on Tube Ends
  • Exceptional Hole Cut Quality
  • Essential for cutting aluminium
  • Modular 3-tray Design
  • Water Pump and Reservoir Included
  • Improved Cut Quality
  • Includes Tubing Plugs for Round Tube (4″ Max ID)
  • Simple Setup and Disconnect

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