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Bring More Products Down the Pipeline with Jaymac’s Pipe Cutter Attachment

If you thought CNC plasma tables could only cut flat sheets – think again!

Cut pipes with precision with our pipe cutting solution here at Jaymac. This pipe cutting attachment fits to Samson or PlasmaCAM machines and includes DesignEdge software upgrade for pipe cutting.

It takes about 30 minutes to transform your machine’s configuration from a cutting sheet to a pipe cutter. From there, you’ll be able to cut shapes within the pipe or its ends, work with pipes with diameters between 38mm and 340mm, and cut long lengths through indexing.

To be clear, we should point out that if you’re looking for a mass-production pipe cutter, then this may not be the best option for you. Keep in mind that it is an add-on accessory, not a dedicated full-time pipe cutting solution. You also need to allow 30 minutes to set up the pipe cutter on your table and 30 minutes to dismantle it. If you’re looking for a dedicated CNC pipe cutter, contact us today for more information.

But if you’re looking for a CNC pipe cutting option for low-volume and one-off projects – then this pipe cutter will take the capability of your Samson or PlasmaCAM table to a new level !


  • Fits onto Samson or PlasmaCAM machine for CNC cutting on round pipe and tubing
  • Shapes can be cut either within the pipe or on the ends
  • The outside diameter must be between 38mm and 340mm, and long lengths can be cut through indexing.
  • Includes the physical pipe cutting attachment and adds the pipe cutting capabililty level to the DesignEdge software
  • Approximately 30 minutes of setup time is required to change the machine’s configuration from cutting sheet to cutting pipe and vice-versa.

How much does it cost to add a pipe cutting attachment to your CNC package? Click below to find out.

View Pipe Cutting Attachment In Action