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Say Goodbye to Moisture and Hello to Longer-Lasting Parts, Less Problems and Higher-Quality Cuts

Moisture in the atmosphere is the number one enemy of any plasma system, and in the case of CNC cutting, air quality is even more critical. Torch problems caused by humidity can flow on to cause further issues with the cutting process.

The ‘Elminizer’ air filter that we supply as standard with CNC packages works a lot better than many other standard filters in removing moisture, but when it comes to drying air – nothing works better than a refrigerated dryer.

From first-hand experience, we have found that clients who have invested in an air dryer typically: Use less parts (we have had reports of parts lasting up to 5 times longer!), have less troubleshooting problems and increase the quality of their work.

If you’re interested in reducing costs, reducing downtime and increasing profits, then an a Refrigerated Air Dryer is a very sound investment!

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Why Invest in a Refrigerated Air Dryer

A refrigerated air dryer is a must-have in your workshop if you need:

  • Longer-lasting consumables
  • Consistent, high-quality cuts
  • To improve the reliability of your CNC Plasma system
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