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CNC Plasma Profile Cutter

What is a CNC profile cutting machine?

Broadly speaking, a profile cutter is any machine designed to cut shapes and components (profiles) from raw/stock material.

Profile cutters can be relatively basic technology – like the Weldclass TX-55 template-tracing profile cutter – or computerised “CNC” driven machines.

In this article, we focus on CNC units for the metal fabrication industry.

What are the components of a CNC profile cutting system?

There’s more to a profile cutter than just the machine that physically cuts the material. A typical profile cutting system will include:

  • CNC unit: The platform on which the raw material is placed and the cutting torch is mounted
  • Cutting torch: Attached to CNC unit and does the actual cutting
  • Cutting machine or power source: Powers the torch
  • Gas or Air supply: Feeds into the cutting machine & torch
  • Computer Hardware: PC, screens and other accessories to host the software & control displays
  • Software Programs: Designs the parts to be cut (CAD), create & process cutting files (CAM), and operate the table (CNC)

These components will vary depending on the chosen process.

Weldclass CNC Plasma offer complete packages tailored to your needs. Since 1980, our team have provided solutions to help metal fabricators do outstanding work. Contact us today, or get an indicative price online.

Profile cutting of steel and metal: What is the best process?

In terms of the actual cutting method, the four most common processes used for metal fabrication are Oxy flame, Plasma, Laser, and Waterjet. Each of these has pros and cons depending on the application. For fabricators wanting to cut steel and metals up to 30mm thickness, plasma is by far the most affordable, versatile, efficient and cost-effective to run. For more on this topic, visit our full comparison of all processes here.

In terms of the CNC machine itself, read on…

Cutting shapes and components from plate & sheet metal

If you are working with sheets of metal, or if you are wanting to cut shapes, then what you need is a plasma cutting table. We have tables in a range of sizes, so we will definitely have one that suits your space and your needs. These tables are perfect for Aussie fabricators who are wanting a table that is durable, easy to operate, cost effective, and locally backed up with Australian technical support.

Profile cutting of metal pipe, tube, angle, and channel section

If it is metal pipe or tube/RHS you are wanting to cut, then you will be needing a CNC pipe cutter. Our pipe cutting machines are perfect not just for cutting pipe, but also for marking, etching, notching, and much, much more. The Dragon A400 pipe cutter from USA also has an optional attachment for CNC of cutting channel and angle section.

The cost of a plasma profile cutter

Industrial metal profile cutters can cost up to A$100,000 or more depending on the application and intended workload. Here at Weldclass CNC, we offer plasma table packages from less than $25,000 or $19 per day. Check our price guide or request a formal quote today.

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