Frequently Asked Questions

What is Plasma Cutting?

Plasma technology works by ionising air such that it can conduct electricity. This ionized gas is used to produce an intense arc capable of cutting any electrically conductive material. Plasma cutting only requires electricity and compressed air supply. In simpler terms, Plasma cutters use an arc like a MIG or TIG welder to cut or gouge metal like Oxy cutting.

Is Plasmacam/Samson Design Edge Software Easy to Use?

The Design Edge Software used on PlasmaCAM and Samson Plasma cutting tables is very simple to use. Without hesitation, it is one of the simplest CNC Plasma programs to use in the industry. It is Windows based and built with a key focus on simplicity and ease-of-use. Over the many years that Jaymac has sold it, we have seen dozens of fabricators who will willingly admit that they are not computer-savvy, easily get a handle on Design Edge Software and pump out amazing work from their CNC plasma table.

What Size Air Compressor do I need for Plasma Cutting?

As a general rule we recommend a minimum of 16CFM for plasma cutting, especially on CNC tables.

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