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Migrating Design Edge Licence

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To migrate your Design Edge licence, or reactivate it on another PC, you will need to request that the licence be reset.

You will need:

  1. Your machine serial number, usually a 5 digit number
  2. The licence key, which will look like: AB12-34CD
  3. If you have multiple licences, you will need the computer number, which you can find in Design Edge, under Help – About Design Edge. If in doubt, send a screenshot of this entire screen. If you no longer have access to this PC, i.e. due to a PC crash, you will need to send the computer number(s) of the PC’s you do not want reset, and specify so.


Send an email to [email protected] to request a reset. For your convenience, this is a draft you can copy.

Hello Support,


Please reset my Design Edge licence:

Serial No: [Insert Serial no here]

Licence Key: [Insert Licence Key here]

Computer No: [Insert if you have multiple licences as above instructions]

Reason: [Give a brief description of why you need the licence reset, i.e. “purchased a new PC to run this software”]


Please let me know when done,


[Your name here]

As per the Design Edge requirements, please uninstall the software from the PC you are currently using, as it will automatically require the licence when it is reset, meaning you will have to request the reset again.






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