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Refrigerated Air Dryer (Suit All Machines)

  • Significantly increases plasma consumable life
  • Improves cut quality & reliability
  • Highly recommended

Engraver Attachment - for PlasmaCam & Samson Tables

  • Engraves metal and other materials with precise designs, letters and markings
  • Ideal for etching fold lines, component numbers and art designs or logos

HVAC Software - for PlasmaCam & Samson Tables

  • Make patterns for a wide range of shapes commonly used in sheet metal, air conditioning & ventilation industries
  • Complete library of shapes – square, rectangular, round, oval, transitions, elbows, pipe & much more

Pipe Cutter Attachment - for PlasmaCam & Samson Tables

  • Pipe Cutting Attachment
  • Attachment for CNC pipe cutting
  • Includes software upgrade for pipe cutting
  • Ideal for low-volume and one-off pipe projects

Automatic Nesting Software – for PlasmaCam & Samson Tables

  • Additional software functionality allowing multiple components/shapes to be optimised for best fit on material

Dragon A400 Water Circulation System

  • Water Circulation System – for Dragon A400 Pipe Cutter
  • Minimises Burrs, Improves Cut Quality, Reduces Fumes
  • Essential for cutting Aluminium
  • Water Pump and Reservoir Included
  • Simple Setup and Disconnect


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