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CNC Plasma Packages | CNC Plasma Kits Australia

What Our Kits Contain

What you’ll get in a plasma kit will vary depending on what you’re wanting to do. A typical CNC Plasma cutting system will include the following components:

  • CNC machine: The platform for the raw material and the cutting torch, such as a CNC table or CNC Pipe Cutter
  • Cutting torch: Attached to CNC unit and does the actual cutting
  • Cutting machine or power source: Powers the torch
  • Computer Hardware: PC, screens and other accessories to host the software & CNC machine controls
  • Software Programs: Designs the parts to be cut (CAD), create & process cutting files (CAM), and operate the table (CNC)

Get indicative pricing on a CNC plasma package now, or take a closer look at Weldclass CNC plasma table models and CNC pipe/tube cutting units.


More than just a CNC plasma

We’re here to help you succeed

We believe that the benefits of CNC profile cutting should be available to Aussie fabricators like you, not just companies with huge budgets and IT wizards on the payroll. And that’s why we’ve made it our mission to develop robust, well-built CNC plasma kits and packages that are affordable and easy to use.

This is what we guarantee we WON’T do:

Offer you the cheapest possible product and then leave you to discover the hidden quality shortcuts, frustrations, pitfalls and inefficiencies later.

Complete ‘turn-key’ packages:

As standard we supply everything you need to get up and cutting short of electricity and compressed air. And if you happen to need these bits as well, then air compressors and generators are no problem either.

Market-Leading Products & Value-for-Money

Our goal at Weldclass CNC plasma is to offer packages that deliver the best return on your investment, in terms of up-to-date technology, ease of use, reliability and back up support.
We go the extra mile help you get the most from your CNC plasma, and ensure that it actually does what you expected in the first place: save you time, increase productivity and expand your metalfab capabilities.

Here’s how:


Made in Australia

Our CNC Tables are designed, refined, and made right here in Australia using state-of-the-art Australian component manufacturers.
Other equipment including; Weldclass Cutforce series plasma tables, Dragon tube cutters from Bend-Tech and the exceptional range of Hypertherm Powermax plasma cutters, are made in the USA (the world’s largest CNC market).

Reliable, Proven Products

Behind every Weldclass product lies months and years of development, research, testing and perfecting..


The make or break

User Friendly

A highly capable CNC system is well and good, but if it’s clunky and confusing to operate, it becomes a time-wasting liability instead of an asset. At Weldclass, ‘user-friendliness’ is equally important to us as product durability or capability. We know this is critical to you getting the outcome you paid for in the first place.

Plasma Table Operating Software

As a case in point, our plasma table operating interface has been customised to make it very self-explanatory and easy to follow. Or to quote one of our clients word for word; “it does everything you said it would, and the software is easy as to use“.


It should speed you up, not slow you down

Large Screen

Our CNC Plasma Table packages come with a generous size screen (typically around 23-inch). Fitting your own even larger screen or adding a second screen is no problem. Compared to the tiny screens found on other brands of CNC equipment – our computer is literally chalk and cheese to work with.

Easy Control

We use standard keyboard and mouse controls for fast, efficient & precise drawing, editing & machine operation. Definitely faster than traditional touchpad controls!

Remote Wireless Controller

Weldclass Cutforce series plasma tables come with a secondary wireless controller, for remote / mobile machine operation.


Why just ‘any plasma’ will not do

Reliability and Performance, Second to None

Compared to hand cutting, CNC places much higher demands on the plasma machine – and that’s why choosing the right plasma power source is critical. Hypertherm, our partner for plasma cutting machines, have focused exclusively on Plasma technology for decades and as a result their machines out-perform every other plasma cutter on the market in cut quality, speed, reliability, parts life & efficiency. For reliable cutting day in and day out, nothing comes close!


The Hypertherm plasma cutters we supply are different from manual hand cutting models, and are specifically configured for use with our CNC machines.


Standard Inclusions that make a big difference

Water Bed & Bonus Fluid

Weldclass Cutforce series tables come standard with a water bed, for effective and low-cost fume control.
We also include high quality, anti-rust/bacteria fluid concentrate to keep your water bed in top condition from day 1.

Consumables Kit (& box)

A full kit of plasma consumables is supplied to get you cutting. These are supplied with a carry case to ensure your parts stay neat & tidy. To compliment this we also provide a Parts Guide with pictures and part numbers of each part to make re-ordering super easy.

Cut Settings Charts

We supply our own customised settings-chart that has a full list of recommended settings for various materials. This makes it real easy to get started.


To help you get the most from your investment

A Proper Operator Manual

Our packages come with a comprehensive manual – written by our in-house support team – that is clear, simple and very easy to follow… and covers everything from set-up, to operation, trouble-shooting, maintenance and more.

After Sales Support

Our experienced, in-house technicians are here to support you via phone or email. You can also access our Knowledge Base at any time, for help on common technical and IT questions.

More information on CNC Plasma Kits by Weldclass

We have a range of different plasma cutter machines that can handle different levels of thickness when cutting, we can help you select the machine in your package to make sure you get the one suitable for your needs.

Other components included in your kit will vary depending on what you need a plasma cutter for. Most kits will come with a cutting table, which can be used to cut components from flat metal sheet or plate. Tables are the main part of a CNC plasma system as they are required for cutting shapes from metal. We have a range of different tables, including the Weldclass Cutforce series, when designing your package we’ll make sure you get the best table for your needs and price point.

To add value to your kit, you should consider including some optional extras. Some options available to you include:

  • Engraving attachment: Gives you precision to help engrave neat designs and markings onto metals and plastic, it’s easy to use, quick to set up, and powered by air. Includes mounting bracket
  • Refrigerated air dryer: We strongly encourage you to include this in your package as it’ll remove moisture from the compressed air system, which will improve cut quality and extend the life of torch consumable parts
  • Hand cutting torch: Makes converting from profile cutting to hand cutting with your plasma cutter very easy, and it costs a lot less than buying a second plasma cutting machine

If you are needing to cut a lot of pipe, you’ll be wanting a dedicated pipe cutter. These machines are perfect for cutting pipe and tube no matter what material you’re working with. With a Bend-Tech Dragon A400 CNC Plasma Pipe, Tube and Angle Cutter you’ll be able to cut, mark, and engrave pipes and tubes in any shape up to 150mm in diameter.

So, if you’re wanting to take your metal fabrication to the next level without breaking the bank, contact us and we’ll help put together a CNC Plasma Package that meets all your metal cutting needs.

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