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At CNC Plasma Cutters, we want to see you up and cutting fast!

We pride ourselves in delivering turnkey packages… cut away, no more to pay! As standard we supply everything you need to get up and cutting short of electricity and compressed air. And if you happen to need these bits as well, then air compressors and generators are no problem either!

This is what we guarantee we WON’T do:

Offer you the cheapest possible package and then leave you to discover the hidden frustrations, pitfalls and inefficiencies later.

How we make your job easier:

Our passion is delivering CNC packages that save you time and money in the long term. We go the extra mile to include features and accessories that help you get from design to production in the shortest possible time, so you have more cutting time and less down time.

Here’s how:


The make or break

Ease of Use

Our software systems are undeniably the most user-friendly CNC Plasma software on the market. Very quick and easy to learn and use, even for users that admit they are not computer-savvy.

Single Platform for Drawing & Cutting

What makes our CNC Plasma Table Software so easy and efficient is that everything is done in the same software platform. You draw, edit, layout & cut all from the same program. Traditionally CNC software solutions are made up of at least 2 if not 3 or 4 different software systems (one for CAD drawing, one for nesting, one for cutting… and so on) which makes for a lengthy & complex process of importing & exporting in & out of different programs.

Import Pictures / Photographs / Scans feature

Our CNC Plasma table software has the unique and very useful capability of importing a picture file and converting it to a cut path. Brilliant for creating artwork or producing replica parts from downloaded images or photos from your smartphone!


It should speed you up, not slow you down

Screen Size

Our CNC Plasma Table packages come with a generous size 23-inch screen. Fitting your own even larger screen or adding a second screen is no problem. Compared to the tiny screens found on other brands of CNC equipment – our computer is literally chalk and cheese to work with.

Easy Control

We use standard keyboard and mouse controls for fast, efficient & precise drawing and editing. Definitely faster than traditional touchpad controls!


Why just ‘any plasma’ will not do


Hypertherm is purely and simply the best manufacturer of Plasma Cutters in the world. They have focused specifically on Plasma cutting for decades and as a result their machines out-perform every other plasma cutter on the market in cut quality, speed, reliability, parts life & efficiency. We can tell you from experience that nothing else comes close to Hypertherm. CNC systems are very demanding on the plasma machine, and that’s why we stick to Hypertherm!


The Hypertherm plasma cutters we use are specially-ordered CNC compatible configurations (which are different from manual hand cutting models) – and we further configure them in our own workshop to match the specific requirements of our CNC systems.

Plug & Play

We fit the required electrical plug to your plasma so you can just plug in and get cutting! Not only that but we include a high-quality air filter so you can hook this straight up to your compressed air supply, and have peace of mind that air quality is taken care of.


Today, tomorrow & for as long as you need it

Operator Manual

Our systems come with very comprehensive set-up, operating, trouble-shooting and maintenance instructions that are clear, simple and easy to follow.
The video manual pre-loaded on our CNC table computers is extremely comprehensive and the audio-visual format is very easy to watch, read and listen to.
Our CNC pipe & tube systems boast a brilliant Wiki support system that combines videos, instructions and diagrams to clearly and comprehensively ensure you have all the help you need at your fingertips.

After Sales Support

We pride ourselves in superior tech support to ensure you get up and cutting fast and keep cutting! Our highly experienced in-house technicians offer free & unlimited phone & email support for as long as you own the machine.


Standard Inclusions that make a big difference

Consumables Kit (& box)

A full kit of plasma consumables is supplied to get you cutting. These are supplied in a well-organised and clearly labeled parts carry case to ensure your parts stay neat & tidy. To compliment this we also provide a laminated Parts Guide with pictures and part numbers of each part to make re-ordering very easy.

Cut Charts

We supply our own customized laminated cut-chart that has a full list of basic recommended settings for various materials. This makes it real easy to get started.

Magnetic Break-away Torch Mount

A magnetic break-away torch mount comes standard with our CNC table packages. These make it extremely easy to remove the cutting torch to replace consumables. It also breaks away in the event of tip collision to prevent damage to the torch or machine.

Power Conditioner

CNC power conditioners come standard in our packages. These ensure optimal and safe power supply to the CNC table which significantly enhances reliability of the system.


We’ve thought about your protection too! We throw in a pair of heavy duty welding gloves and a pair of shade 5 safety specs to keep you safe while you’re cutting.


Tested & tried extras for specific needs & tasks:

Automatic Nesting Software

Maximise materials use & minimise waste on your CNC table.

HVAC Software

Essential for cutting flattened heating, ventilation, and air conditioning components on your table.

Engraver Attachment

If you need to mark, brand or draw on your CNC table, you need one of these.

Refrigerated Air Dryer

A highly recommended add-on that improves reliability and cuts consumable costs.

Pipe Cutter Attachment

If you thought CNC Plasma Tables could only cut flat products, think again!

CNC Plasma by Jaymac. More cutting time, less down time.

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