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We’re a trusted, specialist supplier of CNC Plasma solutions Australia-wide

Rather than being ‘just another machinery supplier’, Jaymac specialise in CNC Plasma packages. Since 1980, we’ve dedicated ourselves to serving metal fabricators across Australia.

Here’s some well-known Aussie businesses and organisations that have chosen to work with Jaymac CNC Plasma;


We understand that buying a CNC Plasma is a serious long-term investment.

There are many thing to consider when determining if the package is right for you.
Get it right, and you will significantly increase your productivity and profits.
Get it wrong and you will not only waste your hard earned cash, but also lose out in wasted time and lost opportunity.

Take the Plasma Cutter, for example.




The first question you’re likely to ask is: ‘what thickness will it cut?
Far too often, Plasma machines are sold based on a promised capacity that may be correct “on paper”, but when used in real life the owner soon finds out they have been sold short.
This is especially the case in CNC cutting: Cutting speeds and cut quality requirements are higher, therefore demanding larger capacity plasma machines.
A machine might be capable of cutting say 20mm steel – for example – but in a CNC situation is really only suitable for 10mm.


… or the CNC System:




Here’s a fact: A CNC system that is “95% right” is going to waste your time and cost you money.
Sure, the physical design of the CNC unit (CNC plasma table or CNC pipe cutter) might look perfect, but if the software or operating system is clunky and un-friendly to use, or hasn’t had the ‘bugs’ ironed out of it – then your return on investment is going to fall a long way short of what you hoped.
We often hear from customers that have previously purchased a CNC Table that appeared to tick all the boxes for a bargain price… only to be very disappointed after running the machine.
Blowing your investment on an imperfect product is one thing – but having to then spend more time and money trying to make it work (when it should be working for you)? This just adds insult to injury!

These are
just a few example of the many potential pitfalls for CNC Plasma owners-to-be… And the reason why you need a supply partner that puts your interests and needs first.

Our Promise to You:




We will take the time to understand your requirements.
We will clearly explain what our products are capable of – and what they are not.
We will never recommend you a package without being certain that it will perform how you need it to (or better).


CNC Plasma by Jaymac. More cutting time, less down time.

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